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In the popular TV Sitcom Friends, three characters are taking a sofa along stairs, and they have such a hard time managing the load since the sofa keeps on exerting pressure on them. If not for controllers for braking, your 4x4s would have to undergo the same exact situation.

In this read, we’re going to help you choose from a manual or an automatic braking controller to tow your trailers, boats, and everything that’s applicable.

Consider the capability of the brand

Not all brands have invested in both automatic and manual controlling. This is due to the sheer complexity of engineering a new design. But REDARC on the other hand has changed the game. The redarc brake controller, specifically speaking the Tow-Pro elite, has 2 braking modes: both automatic and manual within the same kit.

This is such a convenience given all the sorts of weather and terrains you can tow under. The capability of REDARC cannot be paralleled being the only controller in the market with that capacity; Naturally, we highly recommended you settle down for that one.

Evaluate your own capability as a driver

The use of the manual controller is usually done after being installed on the dashboard. Although an experienced driver would ask you to go for a manual controlled, you should think about your own personality capacity to know the ideal amount of braking in the context.

Had you going for a product like the Tow-Pro elite, you would easily be able to switch between the two types. This would allow you to drive smoother in the required terrain and weather.

Remember the long-term use as a dashboard device

This goes without saying – you shouldn’t have to replace each device depending on the journey, and that’s why the REDARC controller is truly a versatile masterpiece.

Look at the price gap between the two types

Whether it was REDARC or not, there’s a handful of reliable brands that produce either manual braking controllers or automatic ones. When you are to make a purchase, and dwelling between the manual and the automatic option, you can make a quick price comparison.

Although the Tow-Pro elite is listed at 381AUD as of now, there are many reliable shops where you can get it for a price of 100AUD or lesser than the company price. This is even lower than the company price of the REDARC manual braking controller.

Study the ease of installation

Not all braking controls can be installed easily. The REDARC Tow-Pro Elite is miles ahead of all the current products in the market in that aspect as well. Thus, even as a person with limited automobile knowledge, it’ll be a piece of cake since the inserts will be available under the same brand.

Final thoughts

You don’t want your trailer to push you down a hill, nor do you want it to be a threat to anyone when you’re driving it along a highway; hence, you need a controller for the brakes. Now that we’ve given you enough substance to think about, making decisions won’t be all too hard.

Duane Dixon

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