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A motorcycle tail bag is attached to the rear of the bike seat or the rear luggage rack. You can attach the bag to the motorcycle using straps. The bag will come with straps for easy installation. There are many designs for tail bags that you can find on the market. There are many sizes depending on your requirement as well.

You may have seen many motorcycle riders using a small motorcycle tail bag instead of a hard case or a tank bag. Because it is mounted to the rear of the motorcycle, it will not be in your way. So it is convenient for driving. When carrying heavy items, the added weight will be close to the rear suspension of the bike. Installing the bag is quite easy and you will be able to detach it from the bike quickly as well. As the tail bag is in the rear, you will not need to move it a lot. In the case of a tank bag, you will have to move it to become comfortable and whenever you are topping up gas, you will have to move it. Many motorcycle manufacturers have tail bags in their line of products. Hard luggage and soft bags can be found that fit the exact model and design of your bike making installation easy.

Many of the tail bags you find will be able of soft nylon material. You can also find bags that are made with synthetic fibres, genuine leather, and hard plastic when it comes to hard cases. You need to consider whether the bag is suitable for all types of weather. The external material needs to be waterproof. Check whether there is an inner lining that is water-resistant. In the event that you choose a material that is not water-resistant, you can use a rain cover to keep the worst of the weather from reaching the bag. The capacity of the tail bag needs to be decided depending on your usage and requirements. For city driving, you can keep a low-profile tail bag that will be able to carry your essentials. If you are backpacking, you can look at larger bags that can carry all your gear. But you need to see how much weight you expect to carry and whether that can be borne by the motorcycle. If the tail bag is too big and unwieldy when you load it fully, it can be difficult to steer the motorcycle. 

Sometimes additional weight on the luggage rack of the bike can cause the frame to crack. It is best to check reviews from previous customers when you are purchasing a tail bag. There are many videos that you can watch regarding installing the bag and first-hand accounts from people that have used it for a long duration. Because of the wide variety of bags, you will be able to find a design that fits your bike perfectly. There are also online shops that do custom bags. Consider how well the tail bag is secured to prevent theft. As they are attached to the bike with straps, it can be easily removed by anyone. So you need to be aware of it and carry it with you if you are leaving the bike unattended for long.

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