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If you need several packages to be freight forwarded but are not a fan of how much you will be spending, my article will help. All the best tips and tricks to save are discussed below. Let’s get to it.


Some days are busier than others for freight forwarders. If you want to save, you will have your goods shipped during one of the slower days. Usually, Fridays are the busiest because most people ship right before the weekend to make sure their items get to where they need to be by the beginning of the next week.

Mondays are probably the slowest days. Getting your package sent out then would be the best.

Choose Your Freight Forwarder Carefully

There are possibly hundreds of different freight forwarders where you live. You shouldn’t just work with any of them. Do your research, as one of them, maybe charging prices for their rates. This doesn’t mean that you should solely work with a team because they are cheap, though. Find someone who offers quality services at great rates.

There is especially true when looking at teams that specialize in intrastate transport, as there are so many of them. Find out more about interstate freight options to figure out which team would be the most worth your time.

Become a Regular

One of the best ways to save would be to consistently use the same forwarding company over and over again. They would see you as a valuable customer, so you will be offered the best rates.

A smart move would be to sign up for their newsletter too. You would always know the latest about deals and new features.

Ship All at Once

If you have multiple items to ship, you would save if you have them delivered all at once. If you get them transported on different occasions, you might be hit with different shipping rates, which would result in a higher cost. Also, you will get a slight discount for delivering multiple items at once (it saves the courier space).

Delivery Options

There are a couple of different delivery options that forwarding companies use to deliver goods. They will either use ships or airplanes if packages need to be shipped abroad. And they will use trains or overhaul trucks if packages need to be transported inside the country.

The specific delivery choice you choose will affect how much you will spend. Rail freight services are more affordable than using long-haul trucks, and using ships is more affordable than using airplanes.


Of course, the location you are getting your package delivered to plays a major role in how much you would be spending. If there is any way you can get your goods picked up mid-way, this would save a lot.

Considering all the points that were discussed, what do you think? There are many ways to save when working with a forwarding company. One of the best would be to have your goods sent out during an off. Also, the delivery choice you pick will save a lot too.

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