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Australia is blessed with a number of surfing locations and the best surfing waves. But even if we had all of that, some of us still end up with bad experiences at surfing. In close evaluation, these mistakes could have been avoided had they been pointed out by someone.

This read itself is going to be that someone for you. Thus, in this read, we’re going to talk about some of the most common surfing mistakes that are destined to ruin your surfing getaway.

You Didn’t Physically Check the Spot Out Beforehand

Images and videos on the internet can always be subjected to manipulation. Hence, it’s always better to at least have a quick look-see on the water.

But most of the time, surfing spots are quite far from where you live, and this is why checking with multiple surfing shops is ideal. After hearing what they say, you’d be able to draw yourself an average picture.

You Forgot to Check the Weather Forecast

Just how many times have you ended up realizing that so much time could have been saved had you watched the news? Weather is always going to be a crucial factor in deciding the mood of surfing. Given how some areas can be risky, that’s a path you don’t want to find yourself in at all.

You Relied on Surfboard Rentals

There are some shops that rent out surfboards. But most of them are out of order following the pandemic. But then again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong about buying a surfboard now given the drop in prices around the holiday time. As long as you know your weight and ideal surfboard volume, you’d easily be able to order online.

You Wanted to Wear Baggy Beach Shorts to Surf

The biggest mistake by how you can sabotage the quality of surfing is by wearing anything baggy. Not only this ruins the aerodynamic advantage, but it also makes it difficult to feel your body better. Does it stop there? Not at all. After the basic comfort comes to the sheer coldness.

Typical Sisstr wetsuits are designed to sustain ideal human temperature even in colder waters. This is by the thick neoprene fabric design. For example, 4/3 full-length suits are a long-term investment, where 4 is 4mm of torse fabric thickness and 3 is 3mm of arms and legs of fabric thickness.

Given how affordable and durable they are, and how this isn’t going to be your first and last surfing getaway, investing is one is always going to be a great idea. But it’s essential that you buy them from the right seller.

Final Thoughts

Surfing is supposed to be fun from day one. Whether it was your day one or day 100, it’s very common to forget the most important things that you need for surfing. Now that you’ve read this read fully, your memory is refreshed, and that would definitely help you to have a better time with better planning done.

Duane Dixon

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