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With the holidays soon approaching, camping should be on top of every to-do list. The smell of freedom, silence, friends, and family together under the open sky. Pure bliss is packing up your car with the sleeping bags, tents, chairs, a couple of eskys, and driving into the open to look for some open space to spend a couple of nights.

Luckily our great state of Victoria has us covered and has something to offer for the forest camper, mountain range camper, beach camper, and the calm lake camper. Victoria has around 35 national parks and you are allowed to camp in 25 out of the 35 parks in the state. Some sites allow campers to set up tents for free while the other charges a reasonable amount.

There are also different types of camps from remote spots where you literally have to bring everything on your own to comfortable holiday spots with hot showers and proper toilets. Below are some of the best camping spots in Victoria.

Wye River Foreshore

This is one of the top places for camping in Victoria thanks to its abundant wildlife and breach frontage. The camping reserve is located around 2.5 hours away from Melbourne city. The area is perfect for those who love beach and mountain camping because the spot is located right where the mountains meet the sea.

The 4 unpowered sites are in a beach area that is sectioned off and vehicles aren’t allowed. There are also 60 powered sites. This camping site has quite a bit of amenities.

Neds Gully

The spot is located in the middle of woodland in the cathedral range. All you have to do is take a quick walk and then cross a swing bridge along the little river. The spot is around 2 hours away from Melbourne.

The spot is secluded and has unmarked sites so therefore you might have to bring everything on your own. Getting 4WD fridge slides would be a good idea too.

Lake Catani Campground

If you’re a nature lover and love adventure the beautiful lake Catani is something you can’t miss. This spot is quite a long drive from Melbourne and can take up to 4 hours or so. The family-friendly spot has close to 50 spots all set in the Alps of the Mount Buffalo National Park.

This spot is quite basic but has all the basic tings required for a comfortable experience.

Johanna Beach Campground

If you love hitting the waves, then this action-packed camping spot should definitely be on your list. The camping area is found along the great ocean road and is a small campground for around 25 people. The amenities are few so be prepared.

The spot gets crowded fast so make sure you book beforehand.

These are only a few of the many spots we have in Victoria. Be spontaneous pack up your stuff and hit the road if you can’t decide on a camping location however if you are looking at a specific one make sure you inquire beforehand.

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